Ledbury Badminton Club

If you are looking for a badminton club to join or are visiting the Ledbury area, why not come to one of our sessions on Monday night at Ledbury Leisure Centre.    [map]

Play starts at 6:30pm and ends at 9:00pm.

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We are a friendly, social club, and we welcome new members of a reasonable standard. By 'reasonable standard', we mean that you need to have played before, even if it was a while ago. We have a wide range of playing ability; our main aim is to have an enjoyable game. We don't play in a league and are not obsessively competitive; nonetheless, most games are keenly played.

We aren't in a position to train new players, although we do welcome juniors (ie: 14 and above). The main requirement for juniors is that they be able to hold their own with adults in fairly short order. So, on the whole, juniors need to be of an adult height.

What are the costs?

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

If you are interested in playing and want to know more, come along on a Monday evening, or contact:
Gordon Kirk - 01531 636 281   

You don't need to pay on your first evening;
you can see whether you like the club for free.